Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Podnography: Sex + Podcasting

Sam Sugar. Ever heard of him? He's the man behind Sugasm,,, and

Well, Podnography is yet another one of his creations and it is definitely worth checking out. In it, he chronicles all things erotic, exotic and newsworthy... call it the CNN of the sex world but much more entertaining and with European wit and lots of
fleshy bits. The first 15 issues were audio podcasts but 16 and 17 are video podcasts that can be played in iTunes. Don't look in the iTunes podcast directory though, I don't think they are listed... possibly because of the sexual content.

Go to Podnography right now and download the latest podcast! In the meantime you can watch a very short excerpt from #17. The whole issue is over an hour long but here's a taste of it. Happy viewing!


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