Saturday, January 06, 2007

Video: Sex Advice from Burlesque Dancers

Everybody loves strippers! And by "everybody", I mean "horny men". Does everybody love Burlesque dancers? Well, burlesque dancers are different than strippers. Burlesque has roots in comedy so burlesque dancers have a sense of humor while strippers have coke habits and arrest records (let the flaming begin).

In this installment of Nerve's original video series, hosted by Charlene Chartrand, we find out answers to those common questions like:

When is the right time for Ass-to-Mouth?
What's the deal with the clitoris?
Are there any genital nicknames that should not be used?

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"Nerve is a fearless and intelligent magazine about sex, relationships and pop culture. With cliché-shattering personal essays, interviews, reporting and criticism, we explore the predominant concerns of young men and women with peerless honesty and wit. Our mission is to apply the highest editorial standards of the print magazine world with the best online innovation to deliver (1) an editorial voice that doesn't exist anywhere else, online or offline, and (2) an interactive online experience that harnesses the creativity of our exceptionally clever readership."

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